Get To Know The #SummitSAAC: North Dakota State's Milligan

Get To Know The #SummitSAAC: North Dakota State's Milligan

As The Summit League’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) prepares to host its 10th annual meeting in Chicago, the league will profile one of the league’s nine institution’s SAAC representatives each weekday leading up to the July 25-27 meeting.

This year’s SAAC representatives consist of 18 student-athletes from nine different sports – five volleyball players, four cross country/track and field athletes,  three swimming and diving athletes and one athlete from each of the following sports, men’s soccer, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, golf, tennis and baseball.  The group consists of eight seniors, eight juniors, one sophomore and one former student-athlete.

Today, we get to know North Dakota State's Emily Milligan.






Emily Milligan
So. | Volleyball | La Grange Park, Ill.

Favorite summer vacation spot: Florida.

Currently on your music play list: Top 40 hits.

Funniest memory from youth sports: When my teammate was cheering after a point we won in volleyball she threw her arms up and punched me in the face.

Actor/actress that would play you in a movie: Jennifer Lawrence.

The sport you would be playing, if you weren’t playing your current sport: Swimming, I love being in the water.

Favorite athlete growing up: Misty May Treanor, she is amazing at volleyball and a great role model.

Favorite professional sports team: Chicago Blackhawks.

Three things in life you couldn’t live without: Books, I love to read. My computer, I need google. Airplane, so I can still travel.

Three people in history you would want to join you at a four-person table: Abraham Lincoln, Anne Frank, my grandpa.

Favorite television show: The Office.

Best advice you’ve ever received: Everything happens for a reason.