Get to Know SAAC: Featuring Gracia Mboko

Get to Know SAAC: Featuring Gracia Mboko

Get to Know Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a fall Q&A feature profiling Summit League SAAC representatives. These SAAC representatives provide a glimpse into their personal life away from their sport and what it is like being a student-athlete.

In this week's installment, a member of the Denver women's tennis team, Gracia Mboko, is profiled.

Name: Gracia Mboko

School: Denver

Hometown: Burlington, Ontario

High School: Corpus Christi Catholic

Sport: Tennis

Year: Senior

Major: Strategic Communications

What is your favorite vacation spot? Turks and Caicos

What is currently on your music play list? A little bit of everything.

What is your funniest memory from youth sports? During nationals, we used to have dance competitions between the provinces. There used to be rules where you were limited to dancing on a sheet of newspaper, and every time the song changed you had to fold the newspaper in half and dance on it.  People got really creative!

Which actor/actress would play you in a movie? Kerry Washington from Scandal.

What do you remember about your first college competition? I was so excited! College tennis is a completely different atmosphere compared to juniors.

Who was your favorite athlete growing up? Serena Williams, she embodies the perfect role model in my opinion.  She has always been successful and dominated and has made herself stand out from the start and still does today!

Who is your favorite professional sports team? Toronto Raptors

What are three things in life you couldn't live without? My phone, candy, and oxygen ;)

Which three people would you want to have dinner with (current or historical)? Serena Williams, Mark Zuckerberg, and Kevin Hart.

 What is your favorite television show or movie? Friends.

What is the best advice you've ever received? You only live once, so make the best of it.

What attracted you to your institution? I fell in love with the city and campus, our great academic and athletic reputation, and the people are so friendly in Denver.

What community service projects/organizations are you involved with outside of athletics? I've volunteered with the Heart and Stroke Foundation, United Way, and Sick Kids Hospital.

What has been your most memorable moment as a student-athlete? Every moment spent with my team has been unique, but this past season at NCAA's, we set high goals for ourselves and it was my first season competing and staying healthy for the entire season. It was great to see how far we were able to make it and gain confidence on where we stand as a team and how far we can go in the future.

What is the greatest lesson you have learned from being a student-athlete? Always stay on top of everything, time management is such an important skill. I am still trying to improve and I've also learned leadership skills along the way.

What is your favorite spot on campus? This is a hard question, I like so many different parts of campus! Driscoll Green, it's practically the heart of campus, and you can just enjoy being outside reading a book or doing homework. There's also a lot of events there - you can get free food and prizes.

What is your dream job/career? I wanted to be a doctor, but now I've take interest in becoming the head of a PR firm or marketing agency for sports and entertainment.

Your most prized possession is? I guess my phone…haha.

If you could have one superpower what would it be? I don't know, flying?  Flights are expensive and I hope to travel the world, so flying would be convenient and save me a lot of time and money.

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