Behind The Desk: Peg Bradley-Doppes

Behind The Desk: Peg Bradley-Doppes

Behind The Desk is a weekly feature this summer profiling each of The Summit League’s lead athletic administrators. These leaders provide a glimpse into their background and personal life along with their take on various aspects of college athletics.

In this week’s installment, Denver Vice Chancellor for Athletics and Recreation and RC Operations Peg Bradley-Doppes is profiled.

    NAME: Peg Bradley-Doppes

    SCHOOL: University of Denver

    Where I’m From: Cincinnati, Ohio

    Where I Went to School: Bachelor's Degree in health and physical     
    education from the College of Mount St. Joseph in 1979, and  
    completed Master's Degree in health and physical education from
    Miami (Ohio) in 1981. 

    My First Job: I worked at Skyline Chili. It gave me a
    good humble beginning.



What I Like …

An Influential Person in My Career: Jack Weidenbach. Jack wasn’t in intercollegiate athletics. He was a World War II vet that built the University of Michigan campus, and he did that with a high school education. He was an incredible, humble and dynamic leader. If you look at Michigan in its heyday, it was with Jack Weidenbach. He hired great coaches, empowered an incredible staff and attracted a lot of national attention. With Jack though, every decision was about bettering the enterprise, bettering the organization and continuing to hire and surround himself with the best.

A Timeless Idea: It’s important for people to know that I care, before they care what I know.

A Sports Facility: The old Crosley Field in Cincinnati. It brings back so many fond memories of the Big Red Machine.

A Brand: Waterford Crystal: Our family is from Ireland, and a thing that we do in our family for friends and for people that are in the family by blood or love, a way that we demonstrate our love for them is a small piece of Waterford Crystal.

A Trend: More recently I’ve noticed that kids are starting with an end in mind. It used to be “I hope someday I get to be a ____.” Now I think there is a little more maturity, and kids are looking at their skillset saying, “I have the talent to be _____.”

An Innovation: Facetime: We are so transient. My husband and my son, who are in North Carolina, got a new truck, so they were able to share that moment with me back here in Denver. It has been a way to continually connect families and friends.

An Idea or Invention I Wish I Had Thought Of: Gatorade

What I Like about …

My Job: I love the people that I get to work with and for, and being surrounded by bright and gifted student-athletes.

Sports: I like that you can’t have any complacency. You’re either getting better or you’re worse. You can’t really just hold on. Unlike the rest of a University campus, we know win or lose, it’s so visible. We are lucky that way. We have these built in motivators to be better.

The Direction of Sports Business: It is important to remember that we are in the business of higher education, but we are blessed at the University of Denver to have our academic and athletic goals and direction closely aligned. With that said, in regards to the direction of the business of sports around the country, I think we better be careful with what we’ve wished for, because it could be the end of intercollegiate athletics.

Sports Fans: I love their enthusiasm and passion. I’m someone that doesn’t get offended when people are passionate, positive or negative, because for me, it is better than apathy. 

What I would like to …

See More of in Sports: Ethical leadership and transparency.

See More of in Sports Business: More focus on if we are doing it in college athletics, why are we doing it? What do we do here that enhances this university?

See Different: There is a real value if we could afford to have broad based programming, so that any young man or woman could benefit from having participated in intercollegiate athletics. It changed my life, and I think there is real value in being a part of a team, being a part of a group that is focused and driven to be all-in. College athletics gives you the choice to accept to be average or dare to be great. 


What I like …

That Would Surprise Those Who Know Me: I’m a pretty open book.

Heroes: My mom, dad and my husband. Those are all heroes, and people that have done great, great things, while demonstrating courage, strength and strong faith.

Teams: Any DU team.

City: We love to travel, so any city that is vibrant with life, culture and natural beauty.

Memento: We’ve had family heirlooms that have been passed down from generation to generation. Marble top tables and antique book cases to name a couple that have meaning to our family.

Books: I love anything current: (David) Baldacci, (James) Patterson, you name it. Any action packed book. One that I refer to a lot is The Prophet and another one is the Servant Leader.

Movies: Any movie that I get to see with my family. It could be lying in bed on a snow day or going to see some awful shoot-em up movie with my son.

Trip: We did a magnificent trip where we island hopped in the British Virgin Isles. We also spent three weeks in Scotland, and mostly Ireland, where we did nothing but go up and down the coast.


App: I love Uber and Lyft. I’ve always hated to travel. As an athlete and collegiate coach, it’s all you do. Uber makes it human. You’re not out screaming on the side of the street for a taxi anymore.

Quote: “Wherever you go, go with your heart.”