#SummitMascotMadness First-Round Matchup: Rocky vs Jack

#SummitMascotMadness First-Round Matchup: Rocky vs Jack

ELMHURST, Ill. – The Summit League’s Mascot Madness continues with the final first-round matchup between Western Illinois' Rocky and South Dakota State's Jack.

Fans are encouraged to vote via social media to advance a winner into the next round of the bracket.

  • Use the Twitter (@thesummitleague) poll to vote
  • Votes may also be cast on Instagram (@thesummitleague) and Facebook (/thesummitleague) by entering “Rocky” or “Jack” in the comment section
  • Voting closes at 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, July 13

To vote, visit The Summit League’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages until 1 p.m. ET on Wednesday, July 13. The winner will be announced Thursday, July 14.

Last week, South Dakota's Charlie moved past Durango of Omaha during the first-round matchup.

An eight-team field of the NCAA’s most unique collection of nicknames and mascots consists of a four first-round matchups, one each week through July 11, to advance winners to the next round. The semifinals will be contested during the weeks of July 18 and 25. The championship round is the week of August 1.