#March2TheSummit Coaches' Roundtables

#March2TheSummit Coaches' Roundtables

Earlier this fall, all the men's and women's head coaches in attendance at The Summit League's Basketball Media Day event recorded "Roundtables" on a number of topics across the college basketball landscape with host Greg Stemen asking the hard-hitting questions.  As the teams take a break during the Holidays before league play commences, The Summit League staff will release a new episode daily throughout the week of Christmas to help get our fans up-to-date on the hot-button topics facing our coaches and student-athletes.

Also, a special thanks to Shad Quissell of Q Productions for his videography and editing of the project.

Episode 1: Women's Basketball head coaches J.D. Gravina (Western Illinois), Brittany Lange (Omaha) and Travis Brewster (North Dakota)
Monday, Dec. 23

Episode 2: Men's Basketball head coaches Rodney Billups (Denver), Eric Henderson (SDSU) and Billy Wright (Western Illinois)
Tuesday, Dec. 24

Episode 3: Women's Basketball head coaches Jim Turgeon (Denver), Misti Cullen (Oral Roberts) and Aaron Johnston (SDSU) 
Wednesday, Dec. 25

Episode 4: Men's Basketball head coaches Paul Mills (Oral Roberts) and Paul Sather (North Dakota)
Thursday, Dec. 26

Episode 5: Women's Basketball head coaches Jory Collins (NDSU) and Dawn Plitzuweit (South Dakota)
Friday, Dec. 27

Episode 6: Men's Basketball head coaches Derrin Hansen (Omaha), Todd Lee (South Dakota) and Dave Richman (NDSU)
Saturday, Dec. 28